Endless Possibilities

The endless drawl of planes above, mathematically guided to their destinations

Bound in an endless loop cleaving the sky in transitory bliss

A hiss of engines, a whine of wind

How long will we glide to far off lands searching for something that’s inside us

We mistakenly forgot that the power lies with us

That can lead to beautiful moments of endless tranquilities


We create screaming demons and baneful angels

Silhouetting as unknown shadows in the deep recesses of our minds

Occasionally masquerading as devilish nightmares and delicate fantasies

Invading our thoughts complicating our beautiful psychologies

Distorting and intrinsically fragmenting into echoes of the servile self

Crescendoing cacophonies of emotion spill seamlessly

Our identities pervade it, losing out on all sensibility.


We are kings, we are queens, we are saints and sinners

The realist and the surrealist, the good and the bad, the clever and the naïve

The compassionate and the jealous, the ambitious and the competitive

The sensitive and the hurtful, the part and the whole

Yourself and ourselves, simultaneously.


 © Jack Nugent



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