Winter Pains

In a land gripped by Jack Frost

Life prevents me from hibernating, vegetate

Darkness descends before I’ve had my lunch

It’s too cold, even for the sun to bother


The wave of wintertide

Grips like an icey vice

How many years left

Of free flu jabs for the young and old


Private health care kills the poor

Free health care is socialist

Capitalist’s convincingly caw

They aren’t the ones who will suffer, though



Right in the middle, the Solstice comes

If only we still partied like the pagans did

Instead we consume and give

Consume and give


Getting fatter by the minute

Too many mince pies and TV specials

Jesus didn’t die for this

Although he didn’t mind the odd glass of sherry


The season of goodwill

Joy to the world and all that

Mostly I am just

Pleased to have a week off


© Jack Nugent













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