Neoliberalism Killed The Cat

Politicians talked in their big house

Came up with an idea

That it would save us all

From impending economic doom


Waffle & Lie

Preach & Posture

Cuts to funding

To all services and sundry


Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

Otherwise Mrs. May

Will take your benefits away

And give it to her dear friends


The queues at the job centre

Get longer and more lairy

As the papers vomit headlines

Blaming the immigrants & communists


A freeze on your payment

Means they don’t really care

My cat had to go on a diet

She’s looking pretty thin



The mice all fled to Spain

Tuna aint cheap

My cats tummy grumbles

Parliament should be ashamed


Ideology, they cry

Will save us from our flawed nature

Steer us out of this mess

What do they know?


Neoliberalism killed my cat
















Home is not that homely.

There’s dog shit and litter,

Outside my front door;

The seagulls control my sleep, and wake me up just for fun.


Terraced Housing of all colours,

Much like the people who live within their walls.

Everyone has a dog or cat or a baby or a fucking car;

Or more.


The greetings are varied;

“Assalamu alalikum”

“Yahk sheh mash”


But they all sound the same to me.


Half the people voted for Brexit

The other half didn’t bother.

I debated the politics

With my immigrant friends.


My home is home.

We are the ones who build communities;

Buildings & walls,

Do not create societies.


© Jack Nugent