A true friend,

Wherever I go;

Whichever house

Whatever city.


Between the sheets,

Is where I dream;

Think the thoughts

I can’t during the day.




Safe in the duvet cocoon;

You know me so well.


© Jack Nugent


Day’s Gone By

I’ve been a child;

I’ve been a boy,

I’ve lied;



The years never stopped going by

And I never stopped learning,

Never stopped;

Making mistakes.


How many times,

Have I changed;

Have I changed?

Ripples on the surface.


Philosophise, contemplate

Am I too late?

To understand my fate;

To finally lose myself.


To the beating of my heart,

My chest echoes:

The beats of my past

Of the thousands of my ancestors, that brought me here.


Stretching back into history;

All of humanity is in my veins

In a veiled environment,

My skin is pale, but my blood is ours.



I am still that boy,

I thought I left behind;

Many years ago.


© Jack Nugent




Desert Night


Sand blows atop the dunes.

My lover’s voice is lost in the wind;

The vast stars shine above us,

A lizard scuttles by.


The waves of romance soak the endless sands;

A spark in the night.


Hand in hand we criss-crossed with nocturnal creature’s footprints.


We slept under rugs in a nomads tent.

Curled close,

The moon turned the sand cold;

The fire lost it’s use.


We searched each other’s bodies for warmth,

And found it in the desert silence.

Watching the sun return;

The morning rays shone love.


Years later,

In times of solace

That night keeps me warm.


© Jack Nugent








Home is not that homely.

There’s dog shit and litter,

Outside my front door;

The seagulls control my sleep, and wake me up just for fun.


Terraced Housing of all colours,

Much like the people who live within their walls.

Everyone has a dog or cat or a baby or a fucking car;

Or more.


The greetings are varied;

“Assalamu alalikum”

“Yahk sheh mash”


But they all sound the same to me.


Half the people voted for Brexit

The other half didn’t bother.

I debated the politics

With my immigrant friends.


My home is home.

We are the ones who build communities;

Buildings & walls,

Do not create societies.


© Jack Nugent





Are we not creatures of pleasure,

Seeking out that which would satisfy us;

Temporary or wholesome?

I have not found everlasting contentment.


Good food, cigarettes, television, sex…..

Is that not enough.

Property, jobs and comfort.

The need for something permanent.

The lust to be loved.


This is not enough.


We become dissatisfied;

And seek another object,

To replace our dissatisfaction;

Something better, nobler, more refined.


Do we ever find it?


© Jack Nugent